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    The Kill Squad is Now Live on Amazon!

      The fourth volume in the Cal Shepard Search and Destroy Series is Live! The Kill Squad is a cat-and-mouse survival story that sees Cal Shepard and colleague Derrick Nolan stranded on a remote tropical island used by a master-assassin as the training ground for his cadre of apprentices. Pick up a copy of The… Onward >>>

    Emergence: The Alpha Solution | Latest Emergence Book Now Available

    Emergence: The Alpha Solution | Latest Emergence Book Now Available

    Emergence, Volume 7, The Alpha Solution is Now Live! Following the destruction of their two vessels near Cuba, Reisner and his weary band of survivors take refuge on a small island where they plan their next move to eliminate the alphas using Selene’s recent scientific discovery. With Connelly, Ivins, Runa, and the old crew reuniting… Onward >>>

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